jetNEXUS Website Performance Predictor Tool

What is Predictor?

The jetNEXUS performance report will enable you to see the impact of running jetNEXUS on your website or web-based application.

This report is an accurate assessment based on the simulation of a user session over 5 random pages of the selected site and calculating the acceleration possible for your site as if jetNEXUS were operating within your site infrastructure.

The report you receive details the expected improvement in page download times together with an estimate of the applicable bandwidth reduction.

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What Metrics Will the Web Performance Predictor Report Provide?

jetNEXUS Performance Predictor Tool with Application Delivery Control Technology

The summary will show you how and by what degree, the deployment of jetNEXUS ADC solutions can:

  • Reduce Bandwidth Requirements
    These types of reductions can be converted into savings through lowered communication costs or be used to accommodate increased site traffic without additional cost.
  • Improve Site Performance
    The improvement in page download times will distinguish your site from more sluggish competitors and significantly improve end user experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Increase server capacity by caching content
    This can significantly reduce the load on your servers. This increase in capacity can be used to grow your business on the existing equipment or reducing hardware requirements.
  • Then What?
    Why not put jetNEXUS to the test and try a free, no obligation trial. Testing jetNEXUS is easy - You can download a software trial as a VMware Ready Virtual Machine or download our ISO to build your own ALB-X. If you prefer hardware, we can send you a box to test. Contact us to arrange a free evaluation of the jetNEXUS ALB-X software or Virtual Appliance.
  • Video Tutorials
    Find out more about ALB-X Load Balancer by viewing our Video Tutorials.

For more information, refer to our Application Delivery & Acceleration details page.

Contact us to arrange a free evaluation of the jetNEXUS ALB-X software or Virtual Appliance.