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"Management liked the ROI numbers and they were very impressed with the package offered. The (Riverbed Steelhead and Granite) solution that you (Alliance Technologies) implemented for us is a great solution and will enable us to transform our IT infrastructure while seeing a good financial benefit."

IT Director, Software Development Company, Toronto, Ontario

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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint allows users from around the globe to share documents and information in a collaborative environment. Although SharePoint provides a rich suite of team productivity tools, it often requires a centralized store for all business documents. As a result, users working remotely or on the road must access the portal over a wide-area network (WAN) and often suffer suboptimal performance.

Riverbed accelerates checking out a 4.88MB Word document from SharePoint more than 33x

Riverbed optimizes Microsoft SharePoint Services to deliver LAN-like performance for remote offices by simultaneously addressing bandwidth constraints and the combined effects of latency and protocol inefficiencies. With the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS), distributed SharePoint servers and complex replication models are no longer necessary for accelerated performance at any office, anywhere in the world.

Because SharePoint leverages HTTP as a web-based portal, RiOS provides even more acceleration for portal applications through several different HTTP optimizations. Advanced features like URL-learning, parse and pre-fetch, and an object pre-fetch table for complete web objects deliver enhanced application performance.  These benefits, combined with a deep application level understanding of SharePoint traffic, ensure that users get the best performance regardless of location, further protecting their investment in the solution. Riverbed also accelerates SSL traffic, so organizations who run SharePoint via HTTPS can still achieve LAN-like performance without compromising their security.

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