At Alliance Technologies we take the time to understand the problems and challenges that face our clients and take pride in delivering creative solutions that exceed customer expectations with respect to timing, quality, performance and value. Alliance Technologies has built an enviable reputation with clients in a wide variety of industries and invite you to review a sample of the many testimonials and recommendations we have received.

Riverbed Practice

  • IT Director, Software Development Company, Toronto, Ontario

    "Management liked the ROI numbers and they were very impressed with the package offered. The (Riverbed Steelhead and Granite) solution that you (Alliance Technologies) implemented for us is a great solution and will enable us to transform our IT infrastructure while seeing a good financial benefit."

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Virtualization Practice

  • COO, IT Support Company, Toronto, Ontario

    “Using VMware Alliance Technologies reduced our three racks plus of unreliable, servers, switches, etc. down to less than one third of a rack, including the UPS units! The power savings are obvious and we also no longer need extra cooling but, more significantly, the performance of our core system has increased by an order of magnitude and our IT staff have more time to focus on value-add activities.”

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Business Continuity

  • IS Manager, Fashion Company, Toronto

    “The network and infrastructure Alliance Technologies put in place for us has really helped our business. Alliance also provides us with specialist LINUX support and look after our back-ups and this has freed up a significant amount of my time.”

  • IT Manager, Uniform Manufacturer, Mississauga, Ontario

    “Alliance Technologies replaced our old servers with two new LINUX based machines. The improvement in performance was huge. However, the thing that impressed me most was the reliability of the new machines and, with the back up regime Alliance set up for us, I now have confidence that our data is backed up and recoverable. I am also very impressed with the service commitment Alliance has shown. Whenever I need help with updates or new patches, they are there.”

  • COO, IT Support Company, Toronto, Ontario

    "With our old system we had to re-boot at least one server a week, usually at the most disruptive time. In the two years since Alliance Technologies set up our virtualized infrastructure using VMware, F4Labs servers and a Fiber Channel SAN, we have not had a single minute of unplanned downtime, not one! "

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    Enterprise Storage

  • Development Manager, Business Intelligence Software Company, Toronto, Ontario

    “Pre-launch tests of the new generation of our software indicated that it was limited by the performance of our production SAN. Alliance Technologies had the expertise to understand our storage problem and were able to configure and supply us with a high performance fiber channel storage unit in a very short time frame so that we could successfully complete our development tests on time.”

  • CFO, Technology Consulting Company, Toronto, Ontario

    “Alliance Technologies first recommended a SAN to meet our needs of faster access to our data, concerns over integrity of our existing storage and, for a mechanism to get reliable back-ups. Our SAN has proven to be a sound investment and has become the foundation of our infrastructure. It has enabled us to expand our infrastructure painlessly to support business growth and has exceeded the return on investment we originally anticipated.”

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    High Performance Computing

  • COO, Web Software Development Company, Toronto, Ontario

    “We selected F4 Labs servers from Alliance Technologies as the core infrastructure to host and serve our on-line software application. Our decision was based on the the F4 Labs servers meeting our performance requirements, as well as Alliance’s ability to support our chosen OS (a non-commercial LINUX distribution). We have been very happy with the performance and reliability of the servers and with the support provided by Alliance and have since made follow up purchases to add more F4 Labs servers.”

  • Engineering Manager, Automotive Components Manufacturer, Strathroy, Ontario

    “When we purchased our cluster from Alliance Technologies it increased the compute capacity for our Engineering Group by an order of magnitude – simply put, we can perform simulations that were just not possible before. Alliance Technologies has proven to be a valuable partner in supporting this critical resource; not only in maintaining the hardware, but also ensuring that it remains compatible with code updates and operating at peak performance.”

  • DB Manager, Domain Registration Company, Toronto, Ontario

    "When we needed to rapidly expand our database server capacity, Alliance Technologies were the only company to take the time to fully understand our needs. The custom (F4 Labs) 4-way servers Alliance supplied have been superb. Not only have they surpassed our expectations in terms of performance, they have also proven to be the most reliable and robust servers in our data center."

  • Director, Business Development, CAE Software Company, Michigan

    “Alliance Technologies are the only hardware vendors I’ve worked with that truly understand how to optimize a multi-CPU compute server or cluster for compute intensive applications such as CAE solvers. All of our clients who have hardware supplied by Alliance Technologies have not only been extremely impressed by the performance of their hardware, but also with the level of service and professionalism shown by the Alliance team. We continue to recommend Alliance Technologies hardware and services to our clients.”

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