Advanced Application Delivery & Application Acceleration Software

jetNEXUS provide leading edge load balancing and traffic management solutions to dramatically accelerate application performance and improve availability, enabling clients to create and deliver resilient and scalable online services.

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Why does performance of your web application matter? Performance problems cost you money!!!

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Even small changes in response times can have significant effects:

  • Google
    • 10-result page: 0.4 seconds load time
    • 30-result page: 0.9 seconds load time
      • decreased traffic and ad revenues by 20%
  • Google Maps
    • Home page reduced from 100KB to 70-80KB
      • Traffic went up 10% in week 1, 37% in weeks 2, 3, 4
    • Every 100 ms increase in load time of decreased sales by 1%
  • Microsoft Live Search
    • When the search results pages were slowed by 1 second:
      • Queries per user declined by 1.0%; Ad clicks per user declined by 1.5%
    • When the search results pages were slowed by 2 seconds:
      • Queries per user declined by 2.5%; Ad clicks per user declined by 4.4%

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By implementing a jetNEXUS solution, Alliance Technologies will allow your organization to visualize and manipulate the flow of traffic to your web-enabled applications, thus ensuring a consistently robust web infrastructure. Coupled with the ability to deploy new online services very quickly, jetNEXUS will help provide the competitive advantage your business needs.

jetNEXUS handles 19% of all gaming and over 15% of all travel related internet traffic in the UK. Global customers include The Financial Times and chip designer, ARM (

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jetNEXUS Accelerating Load Balancer Virtual Appliance

The ALB-X (Accelerating Load Balancer Extreme) VA delivers cost effective, high performance web acceleration and load balancing, enabling you to reduce server load and bandwidth requirements, whilst increase capacity and availability. The ALB-X VA makes applications fly! Designed as a complete Virtual Appliance to run on both VMware ESX and VMware server, the ALB-X VA significantly enhances the performance, scalability and security of application environments.

jetNEXUS Accelerating Load Balancer Appliance

The jetNEXUS ALB-X load balancer appliance guarantees server availability and optimised application delivery at an affordable price. The jetNEXUS ALB-X signifies a move beyond the traditional approaches to web load balancing, by combining Layer 7 Load Balancing, Compression, SSL Offload and Content Caching in one comprehensive solution, designed for outstanding application delivery, high performance, scalability and the flexible management of online services.

jetNEXUS Accelerating Load Balancer Software

The jetNEXUS ALB-X (Accelerating Load Balancer Extreme) ISO is a fully integrated software load balancer product complete with operating system and installer in one, enabling clients for the first time ever to take the powerful architecture of the jetNEXUS ALB-X solution and build onto almost any standard server hardware platform. The build process is simple and requires no installation configuration or understanding of the underlying custom Linux operation system. Simply boot the jetNEXUS ISO on the server hardware’s CD drive and let the builder run. Once completed, you will have a full jetNEXUS ALB-X based on your chosen server hardware platform.

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