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Alliance Technologies are experts in High Performance Computing (HPC). Whether you need hardware to host a virtual infrastructure, an application specific compute server or cluster or, a server to run a custom Linux OS, we have the expertise to deliver the compute performance you need within your budget.

Compute Clusters and Grid Computing are core competency at Alliance Technologies. Compute Clusters designed and built by Alliance Technologies are in operation at academic research labs and commercial organizations in the areas of Nuclear Physics, Engineering, Health Sciences, Aerospace and Astrophysics.

Compute Clusters

A cluster from Alliance Technologies will draw upon the high levels of research we undertake so that the latest in compute technologies can be incorporated. An example of this is the self contained, centrally cooled cluster delivered to the Department of Nuclear Physics at a major Ontario University:

The University, who wanted to add four or five compute nodes to their existing cluster. They also wanted to reduce noise levels from the cluster as the room in which it was located was to be used for additional office space — an ideal application for Alliance Technologies centrally cooled, self contained cluster design. Therefore, rather than simply add compute nodes to the University’s existing cluster, Alliance Technologies, supplied a new system, with the latest CPU technology. We were also able to reuse the existing nodes by adapting them to fit into the new system. The result? The cluster was delivered on budget and delivered significantly more compute power that originally anticipated by the University,  with the added benefit of a dramatic reduction in noise levels generated by the cluster, quiet enough that the room can now be used as an additional workspace.

Grid Computing

Altair PBS

Many organizations there is no shortage of high performance hardware capacity. The problem is that much of this valuable resource is effectively inaccessible as the hardware is typically dedicated to specific applications even though full capacity on that hardware is rarely used. Consider also that when hardware is idle, software licenses — that are often a much greater cost than hardware – are also not being used.

By intelligently implementing a Grid Computing infrastructure using Altair’s Compute Manager and PBS Professional, Alliance Technologies can dramatically improve the productivity and time-to-solution of HPC environments through increased 24/7 availability of computing resources.

Altair’s PBS Works is the trusted leader in HPC workload management. Proven for over 25 years at thousands of sites, the suite’s flagship PBS Professional delivers powerful policy-based scheduling and management capabilities to handle the most complex user requirements. With additional web portals for submission, analytics and remote visualization — as well as industry-leading services and support — PBS Works offers a comprehensive solution for improving ROI on HPC investments.

PBS Professional is available as a pre-installed option on all compute servers supplied by Alliance Technologies.

Compute and Virtual Host Servers

F4 Labs

To maximize the benefits and performance of your compute intensive applications or virtual infrastructure you need the right host hardware. Alliance Technologies can help you select the right servers and other complimentary components to meet your needs and maximize performance within your budget.

To meet our client’s most demanding compute applications, Alliance Technologies offer high performance, high value servers from F4 Labs. Using premium components and incorporating the latest CPU, GPU and drive technologies, each F4 Labs server is designed and configured specifically to meet your application needs and budget – allowing you to reduce hardware expenditure and maximize the return on your IT investment with maximum performance and reliability.  Compute servers from Alliance Technologies can be supplied with a choice of Operating System pre-installed, including a full range of LINUX distributions and, can be pre-configured with your applications.

For virtualized infrastructures, F4Labs offer a range of servers tailor made for your specific host requirements; whether they be for an all-in-one host for a back-up virtual infrastructure, a cost effective replication solution, or a state of the art server to host your core production infrastructure.

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