Network and Application Performance


Your Work, Your Business, Your Productivity: All Depend on the Performance of Your Applications

Software-defined IT, from the cloud to the network, opens a world of new options for delivering and controlling applications and data. Riverbed software equips you with the most complete infrastructure visibility to optimize application performance and maximize business performance.

VISIBILITY – See everything that impacts the performance of any app – code, network, user experience – so you can detect and fix issues instantly.

OPTIMIZATION – Accelerate delivery of any app regardless of distance, and steer apps over the best network for maximum performance and lowest TCO.

CONTROL – Simplify hybrid IT operations while securing all applications and data to minimize risk and ensure business continuity.

Riverbed is the most complete platform to transform application performance into a competitive advantage by providing business insights, faster applications, and simplified operations.

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Software Networking and Application Delivery

Build agility and automation into your network with Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions from Brocade. Deliver services with Brocade’s virtual application delivery controller – you’ll get safe, speedy service delivery with the flexibility and cost benefits of true vendor independence.

Brocade vADC (virtual applications delivery controller) solutions provide fast, reliable application delivery across your virtual and cloud platforms at massive scale. Automated application delivery and centralized management speed and simplify service deployment, while application-level security protects your business.


Take control of your online applications with Brocade vTM (formerly SteelApp Traffic Manager). Enhance customer experience, inspect traffic in real-time, control service levels to differentiate users and services, and reduce your costs with an extensible delivery platform that can grow with your business using ADC-as-a-Service.

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