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"Management liked the ROI numbers and they were very impressed with the package offered. The (Riverbed Steelhead and Granite) solution that you (Alliance Technologies) implemented for us is a great solution and will enable us to transform our IT infrastructure while seeing a good financial benefit."

IT Director, Software Development Company, Toronto, Ontario

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SteelApp™ Web Accelerator (formerly Stingray Aptimizer Software)

Dramatically accelerate web applications

Faster web applications, happier users, and liberated developers – these are a few of the many benefits of SteelApp Web Accelerator. Sophisticated web content optimization (WCO) techniques automatically speed up public websites, intranets, cloud apps, and Microsoft SharePoint deployments.
  • Three options make deployment flexible
  • As a standalone software proxy appliance
  • As a licensed add-on to SteelApp Traffic Manager
  • As a web-server extension on Microsoft SharePoint or IIS/ASP.NET

Automatic performance optimization Deployed as software on the web server itself, SteelApp Web Accelerator delivers four categories of performance features:
  • File merging: Merge JavaScript and style sheets, image spriting and background image inlining
  • Compression: JavaScript and style sheet minification for white space and comment removal, image resampling, metadata removal, and dynamic gzip/deflate compression
  • Caching: On-server resource caching, dynamic page caching, browser caching, and intelligent auto URL versioning
  • Dynamic layout: JavaScript/style sheet re-ordering, asynchronous JavaScript loading, on-demand image loading, and device- and browser-aware optimizations

Up to four times faster load times and 90% less data on the network Accelerate the load times of your complex web pages by up to four times. Meanwhile, intelligent caching and dynamic compression reduces data on the wire by up to 90%.

Any device, any browser, automatically Just-in-time acceleration automatically adapts your content to all of the popular browsers and devices, including mobile devices running Google Android OS and Apple iOS.

Speed up Microsoft SharePoint for better collaboration  A patent-pending process cuts SharePoint load times 33–75% by reducing browser round trips back and forth to the server. No extra hardware, no changes to website application code, or additional costs necessary.

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