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"Management liked the ROI numbers and they were very impressed with the package offered. The (Riverbed Steelhead and Granite) solution that you (Alliance Technologies) implemented for us is a great solution and will enable us to transform our IT infrastructure while seeing a good financial benefit."

IT Director, Software Development Company, Toronto, Ontario

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IT Performance for the Globally Connected Enterprise

Wireshark Enhancement Products

With large-scale agent deployment and management, automatic enterprise-wide or personal-use packet capture, and the ability to quickly sift through terabytes of packet data to identify problems, troubleshooting gets done faster than ever with Wireshark® enhancement products. Use them to rapidly identify and diagnosis network and application performance problems.

Personal Desktop Network Analyzer

Easily drill down from SteelCentral Packet Analyzer (formerly Cascade Pilot Software) visually rich, graphical display and get more from your Wireshark experience. Quickly sift through terabytes of packet data to identify the source of network anomalies, application performance issues, and more. Full integration with Riverbed® AirPcap® adapters let you analyze and troubleshoot 802.11 wireless networks too.

Wireless Traffic Packet Capture

Capture 802.11 WLAN packets for rapid, comprehensive analysis with your favorite packet-analysis software. This is the only Microsoft Windows-based wireless capture device fully integrated with Wireshark and Riverbed® SteelCentral Packet Analyzer (formerly Cascade Pilot Software). Choose among three open, affordable, easy-to-deploy versions: AirPcap Classic, AirPcap Tx, and AirPcap Nx.

Gigabit Ethernet Packet Capture

With this Gigabit NIC you can send packet-capture information at full-line rate to your favorite network analyzer, including Wireshark®. You get multiport traffic aggregation, a configurable pass-thru mode, an optimized driver for Microsoft Windows (7, XP and Vista) and Linux Fedora 10, and a user-level API.

High-Speed Packet Analysis

As you capture terabytes of packet data traversing your network, SteelCentral Packet Analyzer (formerly Cascade Pilot Software) software reads that traffic and presents it back to you via an easy-to-grasp graphical user interface. Analyze multi-TB recordings from locally-presented trace files or on remote Riverbed® SteelCentral NetShark (formerly Cascade® Shark appliance) probes (physical, virtual, or embedded on Riverbed SteelHeads) without the need for a large file transfer, to quickly identify anomalous network issues or diagnose and troubleshoot complex network and application performance issues down to the bit level through Packet Analyzer’s full integration with Wireshark.

Distributed Agent-based Packet Capture & Management

Capture packets — within the enterprise and in the cloud — by deploying lightweight agents across thousands of desktops and servers. You can centrally manage large-scale agent deployments via a secure web portal, and provide packet traces to SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer (formerly OPNET AppTransaction Xpert) andSteelCentral AppMapper (formerly OPNET AppMapper Xpert™).

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