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"Management liked the ROI numbers and they were very impressed with the package offered. The (Riverbed Steelhead and Granite) solution that you (Alliance Technologies) implemented for us is a great solution and will enable us to transform our IT infrastructure while seeing a good financial benefit."

IT Director, Software Development Company, Toronto, Ontario

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IT Performance for the Globally Connected Enterprise


Transform your Datacenter and make it perform like never before
To remain competitive, organizations are expected to provide access to any application on any device and from any location -- putting tremendous pressure on IT leaders to constantly evaluate how to “right-place” their IT infrastructure to better deliver application and data and services to users. Riverbed calls this process data center transformation.

Boost App

Dramatically improve application performance, availability and reliability.

Converged Branch

Simplify your branch infrastructure while delivering a superior user experience.

Consolidate Data

Reduce your data centers while improving business continuity.

Increase Data

Keep data secure centrally while still providing local access anywhere in the world.

Improve Performance

Increase application, data center, and overall business performance.

Industry and Delivery Solutions


Federal, state, and local agencies can optimize the performance of existing infrastructure and improve productivity.


Enable your business to utilize public and private cloud infrastructure with no negative impact to the end user.

Technology Migration

Existing and new customers alike can benefit from financial incentives through our migration programs .

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