Enterprise Storage Solutions

“Alliance Technologies first recommended a SAN to meet our needs of faster access to our data, concerns over integrity of our existing storage and, for a mechanism to get reliable back-ups. Our SAN has proven to be a sound investment and has become the foundation of our infrastructure. It has enabled us to expand our infrastructure painlessly to support business growth and has exceeded the return on investment we originally anticipated.”

CFO, Technology Consulting Company, Toronto, Ontario


High performance centralized storage is the cornerstone of a robust IT infrastructure, whether virtualized or not.

  • Do you need to add storage capacity?
  • Do you have concerns over the robustness or limitations of your current infrastructure?
  • Can your current system be used as part of a virtualized infrastructure?
  • Are you able to replicate from your storage to provide for Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery needs?
  • Is the high cost of expanding an existing SAN or NAS prohibitive?
  • Are you seeing dramatically increasing maintenance costs after year three?
  • Are you running out of power or floor space in your server room?
  • Is the performance and available capacity of your SAN or NAS guaranteed by your storage vendor?

With innovative, next generation storage products from Oracle (Axiom, ZFS Storage Appliance and Database Appliance), Nexsan, Nexenta, Dell (EqualLogic and Compellent), F4 Labs, and Open-E. Alliance Technologies can provide the right storage solution to meet your unique requirements.

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Oracle Enterprise Storage Systems

Oracle Axiom Storage System

Oracle's Pillar Axiom 600 storage system is a next-generation SAN solution that delivers industry-leading efficiency, modularity, and ease of management. Its modular architecture eliminates the need to change storage platforms as your needs increase, enabling you to start small and then independently scale both capacity and performance. The Pillar Axiom 600 allows you to confidently consolidate SAN-based storage by leveraging patented QoS capabilities that prioritize data access across the system and ensure that all applications get the service levels they require when they require them. With predefined application profiles, simplified management, and straightforward modular deployment, the Pillar Axiom 600 accelerates application deployments and lowers storage costs.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances

Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance family delivers enterprise-class network attached storage (NAS) capabilities with unmatched Oracle integration, high performance, efficiency, simplified management, and low TCO. Sun ZFS Storage Appliances provide robust data storage and offer immediate benefits for customers using NAS for enterprise applications, virtualization, cloud deployment, storage consolidation, and data protection.

The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance product line combines industry-leading Oracle integration, management simplicity, and performance with an innovative storage architecture and unparalleled ease of deployment and use.

Oracle Database Appliance

Simple, Reliable, Affordable

The Oracle Database Appliance enables you to take advantage of the world's most popular database—Oracle Database—in a single, easy-to-deploy and manage system now supporting virtualization. It's a complete package of software, server, storage, and networking that's engineered for simplicity; saving time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of database and application workloads.

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Nexsan by Imation - High-Value Enterprise Storage Solutions

Imation’s Nexsan solutions deliver enterprise-class, easy-to-use and efficient storage solutions that provide our customers uncompromising value.

Imation's Nexsan SAN storage solutions deliver up to 60 disks in 4U of rack space while consuming 85% less power. Enterprise-class reliablity and leading cost-per-terabyte optimize the SAN storage infrastructure for backup and recovery, bulk storage and much more.

Imation's Nexsan NAS hybrid storage systems deliver the speed of solid-state at the price of spinning disk. FASTier® technology leverages solid-state to accelerate the underlying spinning disks for up to 10X performance over traditional storage.

Imation's Nexsan unified hybrid storage systems deliver solid-state speed at spinning disk prices for NAS and iSCSI. FASTier® technology leverages solid-state to accelerate the underlying spinning disks for up to 10X performance over traditional storage.

Imation's Nexsan Assureon® data archiving systems greatly reduces primary storage space and the size and costs backups. Assureon is non-disruptive to users or existing applications and provides advanced security features.

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Nexenta - Software-Defined Storage

Software defined storage is an approach to data storage and management that virtualizes the underlying hardware and enables the flexibility and dynamism promised by virtualization to both be fully achieved and to be extended into the management of storage. Software defined storage is a fundamental component of software-defined data centers.

Nexenta delivers enterprise class, hardware-independent storage software that allows organizations to:

  • Standardize on a single storage operating system across an ever-increasing set of application workloads via block, file and object access that is integrated into the user’s preferred management framework
  • Choose their preferred storage server hardware independent from the storage software knowing they have the flexibility to change their minds, dual source or repurpose existing hardware
  • Deploy a mix of NexentaStor as a ‘bare metal’ storage solution and/or virtual storage appliance as business needs dictate
  • Auto-configure, tune and deploy storage by application and based on workload and throughput

Alliance Technologies are proud to be a certified Nexenta partner, offering storage systems custom designed to meet our client’s needs that are fully certified to run Nexenta software.

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Dell - Storage Systems

Whether you're looking to consolidate servers to lower operational costs, replicate for data protection, or upgrade your Network Attached Storage (NAS) to a full featured iSCSI SAN, Alliance Technologies offers the affordable EqualLogic data storage solutions from Dell with enterprise-strength performance and reliability plus easy installation, management, and growth.

The Only Storage Solution That Manages Data Inside the Volume

Compellent’s Storage Center is an enterprise class storage area network (SAN) that significantly lowers capital expenditures, reduces storage management and administration time, provides continuous data availability and enables storage virtualization. Storage Center’s industry-standard hardware and sophisticated software manage data at the block-level, maximizing utilization, automating tiered storage, simplifying replication and speeding data recovery.

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F4Labs Customized Storage Solutions

F4Labs offer a range of storage products taylor made for your specific requirements, whether they be for an all-in-one host for a back-up virtual infrastructure, a cost effective replication solution, or a state of the art compute server with internal storage.

Virtual Infrastructure and Replication

The F4Labs SaRA (Storage and Replication Appliance) is specifically designed for the small to mid size enterprises that need a cost effective replication solution. Fully compatible with VMware, and with a full range of drive options for either capacity or I/O performance, F4Labs SaRA can be deployed as a centralized storage solution to a VMware infrastructure or, as a replication gateway.

For smaller organizations or workgroups, F4Labs SaRA is available with sufficient compute power to be a complete, cost-effective hardware solution to host a virtualized infrastructure.

F4Labs SaRA can be used in conjunction with the Business Continuum service, bringing the benefits of a full disaster recovery site and infrastructure to those organizations that do not have a secondary site.

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Open-E Storage Solutions

Open-E®, Inc is a leading provider of unified file and block storage management software solutions. The Open-E Data Storage Software (Open-E DSS V6TM) offers support for Network Attached Storage (NAS), iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN (Storage Area Network) functionality all in a single, easy to use storage operating system. Open-E DSS also provides Automatic iSCSI Failover and Failback for high-availability, Remote Volume Mirroring and Asynchronous Data Replication for disaster recovery, WORM (Write Once Read Many) support for digital archiving, and NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) support for universal backup - ensuring better data security, increased fault tolerance and improved availability of all data, ultimately delivering better overall performance and value.