Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Alliance Technologies can help you improve manageability and reduce security risks of desktop computing with VMware Desktop Infrastructure

With VMware Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI), companies can host individual desktops inside virtual machines that are running in their data centre applications are managed centrally at the corporate data center, organizations gain better control over their desktops.

Organizations today must support a wide variety of mobile and remote users, from telecommuters and salespeople in the field to call center workers, consultants and contractors. These users access sensitive information assets on a range of equipment, including laptops, thin clients and unmanaged PCs, making it difficult to support end users in a consistent and secure manner.

Alliance Technologies can help you overcome these and other challenges with desktop management and security solutions based on enterprise desktop virtualization products such as VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and VMware ACE. These solutions offer a number of key advantages over traditional client-server and server-based models by enabling you to:

  • Manage desktops centrally
  • Control access to sensitive data and intellectual property
  • Provide individual isolated desktops for temporary workers or contractors
  • Run off-the-shelf, legacy or custom applications with no modifications
  • Cut desktop deployment time down to minutes instead of days
  • Deliver full virtual PC experiences to end users
  • Provide a standard, secure environment for remote and mobile users

VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Demonstation Video

Secure Mobile Computing

Executives. Telecommuters. First responders. Salespeople in the field. Alliance Technologies, using VMware virtual desktop management solutions can give you a standard, secure way to support these and various other workers who work with sensitive information outside the corporate security perimeter. With VMware solutions, desktop and IT security administrators get the control and visibility they need to protect mobile data and prevent malicious code intrusion, while your end users get the freedom and flexibility of "anytime, anywhere" access to their own familiar desktop environment.

Improve Desktop Security for Telecommuters & At-home Workers

For virtual teams and telecommuters with a steady Internet connection, use the VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to deliver remote access to server-based virtual desktop PCs through a secure network connection.

  • VMware VDI is an end-to-end solution that leverages the proven stability and security of VMware vSphere for hosting virtual desktops in the data center
  • Meanwhile, seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory enables you to leverage your existing access control and policy enforcement infrastructure
  • The result is a secure and highly scalable solution that is an easy fit for most IT environments

By having Alliance Technologies implement VMware VDI, your organization will gain the ability to:

  • Keep desktop images and sensitive information stored on servers behind the corporate firewall to eliminate the risk of a security breach due to laptop theft
  • Allow remote access through a Web browser for maximum flexibility, or keep access limited to PCs with VMware VDI client software installed for maximum control
  • Prevent data leakage and network intrusions with strong encryption, multifactor authentication and access control policies for client-side USB devices

Secure Mobile Workers & Field Staff

For mobile users with intermittent access to the Internet, Alliance Technologies recommend VMware ACE to deploy "assured computing environments" (ACEs) that workers can use on corporate-owned laptops, employee-owned PCs or even iPods and USB memory sticks -- without putting sensitive corporate information at risk.

VMware ACE clients are encapsulated inside a single file or "package", and you can secure ACE packages with strong encryption to protect the entire virtual desktop environment, not just specific files and folders. Administrators can set and enforce granular policies governing the lifespan of each ACE client package, the networks it can access and the peripheral devices that can interface with it, with Active Directory integration for unified user authentication.

The result with VMware ACE is a scalable solution that helps you enhance the mobility of your users while protecting access to valuable corporate information assets.