Virtualization Practice

“Using VMware Alliance Technologies reduced our three racks plus of unreliable, servers, switches, etc. down to less than one third of a rack, including the UPS units! The power savings are obvious and we also no longer need extra cooling but, more significantly, the performance of our core system has increased by an order of magnitude and our IT staff have more time to focus on value-add activities.”

COO, IT Support Company, Toronto, Ontario



Alliance Technologies' Virtualization Practice is built upon the leading virtualization technology, VMware. We are proud to be among the elite group of VMware partners to hold the VAC designation and are recognized experts at deploying VMware's entire range of innovative software solutions, including Lab Manager, vSphere and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Not sure how your company would benefit from virtualization?

Are you getting the most from your current VMware investment?

As a VMware VAC Partner, our clients benefit from our access to VMware's best practices and our ability to offer comprehensive Virtualization Assessments utilizing VMware's Capacity Planner.

A Virtualization Assessment from Alliance Technologies incorporating VMware Capacity Planner can help you:

  • Assess the current state of your IT infrastructure with comprehensive performance metrics.
  • Plan for capacity optimization through detailed utilization analysis and benchmarks.
  • Design an optimal solution with scenario modeling and impact analysis.
  • Provide a virtualization roadmap for server containment and consolidation.
  • Generate a detailed Return on Investment analysis for your virtualization project.

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VMware vSphere

Transform IT Infrastructure with Enterprise-Class Virtualization

Leverage the power of virtualization to transform your IT infrastructure into private clouds built on VMware vSphere - enabling IT to increase control through service-level automation. VMware vSphere, the industry's first cloud operating system, dramatically reduces capital and operating costs and maximizes IT efficiency - with the freedom to choose any application, OS, or hardware.

With VMware vSphere you will:

  • Optimize your IT infrastructure through server consolidation, automation, and high availability
  • Decrease planned and unplanned downtime for improved business continuity and effective disaster recovery
  • Increase energy efficiency by running fewer servers and dynamically powering down unused servers with our green IT solutions.

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VMware Lab Manager

Optimize your Development and Test Lab with Virtualization

Provision complex development and test environments in seconds, rather than days, with VMware Lab Manager. You'll be able to shave man-months off software development cycles through rapid, automated setup and teardown of even the most complex multi-machine environments.

With Lab Manager you can:

  • Rapidly set up multiple test and development environments
  • Provision any environment with a single click of the mouse
  • Reduce test lab capital and operating costs
  • Capture and reproduce software defects - every time
  • Ensure secure, flexible outsourcing

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VMware Desktop Infrastructure

Improve Manageability and Reduce Security Risks of Desktop Computing

With VMware Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI), companies can host individual desktops inside virtual machines that are running in their data center.applications are managed centrally at the corporate data center, organizations gain better control over their desktops.

With VDI you can:

  • Manage desktops centrally
  • Control access to sensitive date and intellectual property
  • Provide individual isolated desktops
  • Run off-the-shelf, legacy or custom application with no modifications
  • Cut desktop deployment time down to minutes instead of days
  • Deliver full virtual PC experiences to end users

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Disaster Recovery

Achieve Better Data Protection, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery with a Virtualized IT Infrastructure

Business continuity has become a vital ingredient of IT strategies in a world where businesses need to operate 24 hours a day. The disruption of IT services can be fatal to a business. VMware’s virtualization products give you the means to eliminate planned downtime, deliver high availability, and be better prepared for disaster recovery. Virtualize your data center and make it easier to build solutions for the following:

  • Data protection, including non-disruptive backup and restore processes
  • High availability through reduced planned and unplanned downtime
  • Disaster recovery with hardware independent recovery

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Site Recovery Manager

Let Alliance Technologies Take the Disaster Out of Disaster Recovery

Easily manage and implement your recovery plan with VMware Site Recovery Manager. As an integrated element of your VMware virtual infrastructure, Site Recovery Manager helps you build, manage and execute reliable disaster recovery plans.

Site Recovery Manager lets you:

  • Accelerate recovery for the virtual environment through automation
  • Ensure reliable recovery by enabling non-disruptive testing
  • Simplify recovery by eliminating complex manual recovery steps and centralizing management of recovery plans

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