VMware Lab Manager

Alliance Technologies can optimize your Development and Test Lab with Virtualization - VMware Lab Manager.

Provision complex development and test environments in seconds, rather than days, with VMware Lab Manager. You'll be able to shave man-months off software development cycles through rapid, automated setup and teardown of even the most complex multi-machine environments.

With Lab Manager you can:

  • Rapidly set up multiple test and development environments
  • Provision any environment with a single click of the mouse
  • Reduce test lab capital and operating costs
  • Capture and reproduce software defects - every time
  • Ensure secure, flexible outsourcing

Create and Maintain a Shared Virtual Machine Image Library

Automate the setup, capture, storage and sharing of multi-machine system configurations with VMware Lab Manager. With its shared image library and shared pool of virtualized servers, VMware Lab Manager lets you efficiently store and share multi-machine configurations across teams and geographies. VMware Lab Manager simplifies lab administration in a multi-user environment with customizable roles, access rights and dedicated or shared resource pools.

Rapidly Provision any Environment with a Single Click

Eliminate the painstaking hours-long process of gathering machines, installing operating systems, installing and configuring applications and establishing inter-machine connections. With a single click, you can provision even the most complex multi-tier system and network configurations nearly instantly with VMware Lab Manager. You can also give users self-service access to the image library, allowing them to fulfill their own provisioning needs while leaving IT in control of user management, storage quotas and server deployment policies -- achieving the best of both worlds.

Increase Uptime while Reducing Capital and Operating Costs

Protect your lab infrastructure from hardware failures and increase quality of service for lab users by taking full advantage of high availability and distributed resource scheduling capabilities only available with VMware Lab Manager. Consume resources as they are needed instead of maintaining multiple systems that are only used sporadically. VMware Lab Manager lets you pool and share resources to meet the needs of users resulting in maximum utilization -- and increased cost savings.

"The new organizational capabilities in VMware Lab Manager 3.0 will help us better enforce role-based access rights to system configurations in the lab according to our IT policy. We can now roll out virtual lab infrastructure to hundreds of more engineers as well as our training and support teams, and manage it from a central location."

- Technology Architect, Financial Software Development Company

Using Lab Manager

By implementing VMware Lab Manager, Alliance Technologies can transform your IT infrastructure and operations. Use VMware Lab Manager whenever and wherever users need to access system configurations on an intermittent basis:

  • Optimize Application Development and Testing
  • Close More Helpdesk and Support Tickets
  • Set Up Hands-On Labs
  • Build Demo Environments
  • Provide Lab Access to Outsourcing Partners
  • Automate Provisioning of Customer Environments

Optimize Application Development and Testing

VMware Lab Manager enables application development and test teams to create and eploy even the most complex multi-tier system and network configurations on demand in a matter of seconds. QA engineers can capture test configurations "in state" in the library and share them with developers in local or remote locations to eliminate guesswork when trying to troubleshoot and resolve defects. Integrations with leading test management, build automation tools and custom scripts through the Lab Manager API provide additional automation benefits.

"VMware Lab Manager 3.0 gives us much more flexibility in the way we deal with a global lab environment. It simplifies administration, supports multiple networks, and lets us assign resource pools and manage user access rights for all of our teams from a central location. VMware HA and DRS help us increase reliability and react much faster to hardware failures in the lab."

- Senior Systems Engineer for Corporate Infrastructure, Financial Software Development Company

Close More Helpdesk and Support Tickets

VMware Lab Manager can help your helpdesk organization close tickets more quickly and increase responsiveness and customer satisfaction by giving every support engineer the ability to rapidly deploy software releases and recreate customer environments. When support tickets are verified as a defect and assigned to software development or QA teams for follow-up, the environment in which the defect was found should accompany the bug report to aid in the defect resolution and verification process.

Set Up Hands-On Labs

Set up, tear down and configuration of lab infrastructure for hands-on training classes requires minimal effort from the IT organization with VMware Lab Manager. Instructors can quickly create and deploy virtual machines to their students shortly before each class. Students can interact with their lab systems directly through the Web browser from any computer with network access, suspend their virtual training environment and continue at a later time, or share virtual machines with other students as needed. Being able to scale a training environment with the number of participants reduces infrastructure cost and increases the effectiveness of the training service being offered.

Build Demo Environments

Sales engineers, product managers and trade show staff rely on VMware Lab Manager to give software product demonstrations in a reliable and repeatable manner. Users can set up, capture and reset virtual machine configurations for demo environments in seconds--even multi-tier systems can be provisioned with ease. When there is a need to present multiple demos in parallel, Lab Manager allows for simultaneous deployment of identical machines with no risk of network conflicts. Users can access demo lab resources remotely through a secure connection to the corporate network, making your demo equipment portable and available around the clock.

Provide Lab Access to Outsourcing Partners

With VMware Lab Manager, your outsourcing partners can remotely access your software lab in a secure environment that you control. IT administrators get the flexibility to quickly add, remove or replace outsourced resources as the business needs of the organization change. Strong access control helps to keep intellectual property secure in the VMware Lab Manager environment while eliminating time-consuming and costly replication of equipment in your partners’ lab.

Automate Provisioning of Customer Environments

Web and application hosting providers need to automate the provisioning of standardized system configurations to deliver services to their customers quickly and reliably. VMware Lab Manager and VMware Infrastructure 3 are the perfect solution for hosting providers looking for a scalable, highly available and managed infrastructure. Rapid provisioning and efficient use of server and storage resources in a virtualized environment offer competitive advantages for cost-sensitive service providers.