VMware Site Recovery Manager

Accelerate recovery and ensure successful recovery by automating the recovery process and eliminating the complexity of managing and testing recovery plans. VMware Site Recovery Manager makes disaster recovery rapid, reliable and manageable so that you can meet recovery objectives. By eliminating complex manual recovery steps and enabling non-disruptive testing of recovery plans, Site Recovery Manager removes the risk and worry from disaster recovery, helping you protect all of your important systems and applications.

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Let Alliance Technologies Take the Disaster Out of Disaster Recovery

Easily manage and implement your recovery plan with VMware Site Recovery Manager. As an integrated element of your VMware virtual infrastructure, Site Recovery Manager helps you build, manage and execute reliable disaster recovery plans.

Site Recovery Manager lets you:

  • Accelerate recovery for the virtual environment through automation
  • Ensure reliable recovery by enabling non-disruptive testing
  • Simplify recovery by eliminating complex manual recovery steps and centralizing management of recovery plans

Accelerate Recovery

Ensure that you are able to meet your recovery time objectives (RTO’s) by automating the recovery process. VMware Site Recovery Manager eliminates the slow manual steps of recovery, turning the complex paper runbooks associated with traditional disaster recovery into an integrated part of your virtual infrastructure management.

Recover Data Quickly and Easily

Protect your application and system data on virtual machines using your existing tools and methodologies as well as tools specifically designed for virtual machines. You can even choose to take full-image backups by using third-party backup products that capture an entire virtual machine as a small number of files.

Ensure Reliable Recovery

Eliminate common causes of failure during recovery and make it possible to test your recovery plans thoroughly and easily. By automating recovery, VMware Site Recovery Manager eliminates error-prone manual steps in the recovery process and ensures that recovery procedures will be consistently executed as intended. Site Recovery Manager also makes it easy to execute non-disruptive tests of recovery plans within an isolated testing environment so that you can ensure that they are up to date and will execute successfully.

Simplify Disaster Recovery

Simplify and centralize the process of creating, updating and managing recovery plans. VMware Site Recovery Manager guides users through the process of building, managing and executing disaster recovery plans. It integrates seamlessly with VMware IvSphere and VMware VirtualCenter to make recovery plans significantly easier to manage and update. It also integrates easily with storage replication software from leading storage vendors to simplify the use of advanced replication software with your VMware virtual infrastructure.

Using VMware Site Recovery Manager

Meet recovery time and recovery point objectives as well as compliance requirements with an automated, reliable and easy to manage disaster recovery solution. With Site Recovery Manager you can:

  • Manage Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Perform Non-Disruptive Tests of Recovery Plans
  • Automate Failover and Recovery

Manage Disaster Recovery Plans

Create, update and document recovery plans as an integrated part of managing your VMware virtual environment. Site Recovery Manager integrates closely with VMware Infrastructure and VMware Virtual Center so that you can easily create and manage the processes and resources involved in disaster recovery for your virtual infrastructure.

Perform Non-Disruptive Tests of Recovery Plans

Execute automated tests of recovery plans without disrupting your IT environment. Site Recovery Manager makes it easy to create an isolated testing environment and automate testing of the recovery plan that would be used in an actual failover.

Automate Failover and Recovery

Automate execution of recovery plans to eliminate slow, unreliable manual processes. Automated recovery ensures that the recovery process is executed consistently and as intended.

VMware Site Recovery Manager Features

Site Recovery Manager delivers advanced capabilities for disaster recovery management, non-disruptive testing and automated failover. Site Recovery Manager can manage failover from production datacenters to disaster recovery sites, as well as failover between two sites with active workloads. It can also help with planned datacenter failovers such as datacenter migrations.

Disaster Recovery Management

  • Create and manage recovery plans directly from VMware VirtualCenter
  • Discover and display virtual machines protected by storage replication using integrations certified by storage vendors
  • Extend recovery plans with custom scripts
  • Monitor availability of remote site and alert users of possible site failures
  • Store, view and export results of test and failover execution from VirtualCenter
  • Control access to recovery plans with granular role-based access controls

Non-Disruptive Testing

  • Use storage snapshot capabilities to perform recovery tests without losing replicated data
  • Connect virtual machines to an existing isolated network for testing purposes
  • Automate execution of tests of recovery plans
  • Customize execution of recovery plans for testing scenarios
  • Automate cleanup of testing environments after completing tests

Automated Failover

  • Initiate recovery plan execution from VirtualCenter with a single button
  • Automate promotion of replicated datastores for recovery using adapters created by leading storage vendors for their replication platforms
  • Execute user-defined scripts and pauses during recovery
  • Reconfigure virtual machines’ IP addresses to match network configuration at failover site
  • Manage and monitor execution of recovery plans within VMware VirtualCenter